Hello, Winter


Winter is coming. Not in the Game of Thrones kind of way, in an actual way, so in my book, this isn't something creepy. If anything, I was kind of looking forward to it. The sight of footprints in the snow, the crunchy sound beneath my feet; standing in an endless line to get a hit of Glühwein—all that... is not in store for me, so I might as well stop picturing these things and getting all excited.

The thing is, where I live, there is no snow. There's no pine trees, no chimneys, no Santa doing your shopping for you... In other words, it's a bit bland. But still, somewhere in the world there's going to be real winter, and it's going to be snowing.

My last real winter must have been 3-4 years ago, back when I was still in Moscow, bunking on a friend's futon. As it often happens, friendship wasn't able to withstand the trial of forced hospitality, and soon I returned to St.Petersburg to my family's apartment. As I was mostly on my own, there wasn't much to do except stay in, hiding from all the creepsters I would have to face on the subway, and—when I was able to get out of my comfort zone—do some therapeutic shopping. The call of a giant shopping mall in the cold of winter is almost impossible to resist. It's like a breath of fresh air after all that wrong air you've been having.

I don't remember much about that winter, or whether I enjoyed it, but I remember watching a lot of crap TV and wanting to try smoking. As for right now, I still miss real winter, but I think that my ability to enjoy it is broken. I miss it when it's gone, resent it for coming too early, and criticize it for the amount of snow provided (if any). I'm okay with the inconsistency though, even if it means looking at the upcoming seasons like Apple upgrades. Sure, iSummer wasn't bad, but I hear iWinter is bringing all these great new colors and refined experiences. Somewhere the grass is always greener and the snow is always whiter.

Hello, Winter.