Not Another Blue December

It's easy to be happy in December. When the mood is light and the earth is covered by a big white blanket, it's easy to get caught by the spirit of things. Even the passing cars are sporting the same snug cozies, shedding the usual reds and greens for the more fashionable white. We decorate the Christmas tree with crystal and fragile looking doily garlands, putting fairy lights on top to make it look like real magic. This is the time of the year when we surround ourselves with beautiful things.

Speaking of beautiful things...

The first time I met Katrina was on 31st of December, exactly one year ago. It was New Year's Eve and we were celebrating in a place near my apartment, randomly hooking up after the fireworks and contemplating our next move. Katrina was Russian, gorgeous and high on her Norwegian tennis playing boyfriend. Their relationship progressed and blossomed for about 6 months and she thought it was serious. Serious enough to quit her flight attendance career and move to Spain.

European dating rule #1: before moving in with your intercontinental boyfriend, make sure he's cool with it.

After what must have been a serious conversation about where things were headed and the word future popping up several times throughout the talk, he broke up with her before she knew even knew it. First in his head, then in their social circle, and then, finally, in person. Boys will be boys, and no matter how gorgeous you are, the word "commitment" is like a hot led enema to the budding relationship. Long story short, they broke up, and I found and lost a friend in the span of two months, during which they were figuring things out.

Now that I think of it, I myself wasn't in any promising relationship at this time last year. I did have a company for New Year's Eve, but it wasn't my best pick. Actually, for six to eight months that followed, I was still trying to shake that company off (Prince Charming wouldn't stop texting me 3 months after I stopped texting back). Don't get me wrong, the guy was nice, but if I had to rewrite the famous song lyrics, I'd say that it's not sugar, it's spice that makes everything nice.

So last year I relented to spending the holidays in acceptance of my fate, inescapable as it was. This year, however, I've had more luck in the company department, as only the best made the final cut. Katrina seemed to score a pilot for her NYE date (which I consider an upgrade) and will spend the holidays in St. Petersburg, and I in Spain. In the end everything worked out for the best, and I might even catch a little sun before the year ends.

For some more than others, but yes, it's definitely easy to be happy in December.