Mornings and pretty girls don't match. They don't work together, don't have breakfast together, and, generally, are rarely seen at the same time in the same place. They're just very different people that way. 

It's also one of the reasons why getting up at the crack of dawn is such a miserable experience for me, even if it means taking some awesome shots. That is the only reason why most of my well lit photos are of sunsets, not sunrises. However, if sleep deprivation and exhilarated heart beat is enough to scare most people into staying in that 95% cotton, surprisingly-average-thread-count heaven, then it has a whole other effect on freaks like me.

Don't get the wrong idea, no one is more reluctant than I am to be dragging that half-conscious ass out of bed anywhere before 11AM. However, that being said, nobody is quite as wired or inspired to be out there doing magic in the world as the somnambulistic introverts high on caffeine and dreams. Skipping your REM sleep really does a number on your serotonin levels. And skin tone. That is the one stimulus that makes you miserable and euphoric at the same time, when your legs are heavy with lead and your head is high in the clouds.

According to some pretty trusting looking research performed by the UK brain picking scientists, the test groups that were forced to skip one night of sleep and stay awake for 24 hours straight, had an increased level of whatever it is you need to stay upbeat in their blood. In other words, a small case of sleep deprivation was proven to go a long way to make a depressed person, well, less depressed.

Is it worth forcing yourself through an unnatural regime just to get a little inspiration? Yeah, okay, that might be debatable—for anyone normal at least. For me? (Insert a pregnant pause here for while I'm thinking.) I'd say it's worth a shot. You see, inspiration is coveted. It is hard to get—as opposed to just playing hard to get. Which makes us do a lot of stupid, drunk things in persuading it to come. So what's a little sleep deprivation when it means you can be spending the waking hours doing something beautiful instead? Beautiful and miserable maybe, but still beautiful. After all, it's just a little sleep deprivation. When the zombie apocalypse comes, that's when we'll blend in.