My Secret Baby

Those of you who know me, have it pretty clear: this girl is hardcore into photography, social networking and writing an occasional blog post every once in a blue moon. Very few of you knows, however, about my little secret, my unadvertised pride, joy, and the reason why my back hurts more these days than it did before. 

So, if you're following my updates, you've known about PICSARAMA.COM for a while now. But you probably didn't know about my other baby, my secret baby.

Introducing Fleur De L'Ange

Believe it or not, there was not a time in my life when I actually knew what it meant to work with my hands—successfully, that is. I always sucked at DIYs, could never paint, draw, or mold clay. Even bead-work attempts ended in disaster when my hands got to it. So it's unimaginably surprising that I'm actually good at something as difficult, time consuming and (when heavy lifting is involved) exhausting, as...

Furniture Makeover

Now, if you're coming from the States, you probably know all there is to know about the subject, and more. But if you're living, say—oh, I don't know—in the Canary Islands, the odds are you've never even heard of it before. Furniture makeover is this awesome process of taking a piece of furniture you were about to throw out, and turning it into something amazing, something that you'll want to keep forever and maybe even make babies on.

To the surprise of mostly everyone, the first piece of furniture I took on to "do-over" was this huge dresser that I bought for 30€ from some Italian guys, who probably found it on the street, for all I know. The good thing about the island is that it's full of amazing furniture nobody wants. Not because the quality is bad, but because it's out of style.

So anyway, the work was hard, educational, and proved the old cliche, if I can do this, I can do anything, to be true. Seriously, I feel like I can lay hardwood on my floors without any assistance. Hey, that's what Google is for.

Speaking of Google... Everything I know about furniture makeover I learned from YouTube, seriously. Of course, I had to develop my own little secrets of the trade, like using makeup brushes instead of the regular painter's brushes, or treating chalk paint like a piece of plaster, to be Shawshanked away at until the surface is transformed. (That last sentence might have sounded a bit weird, but don't worry, I'll elaborate one day.)

The reason behind all this rambling is that I wanted to introduce my new obsession to you guys and share the excitement I'm feeling when thinking of all the cool stuff I got to do in the past months, and that I'll keep on doing, hopefully, for years to come. I have to say, I'm feeling very much in control of my home now. Nothing is safe from my paintbrush. 

Here's a few pictures for you to enjoy, gawk at, and, almost certainly, give me praise later on about. Come on, you know you want to.

You have to admit, not bad for an amateur.

Thanks so much for reading through this post, and tell me what you think. 

If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I'll do my best to give a coherent answer. To check out the Facebook page dedicated to my makeovers and designs, go HERE..