Another day, another heat wave

If June was moderately bearable weather-wise, there were no illusions left after July took over the scene. A never-ending brain fog and a dull headache thumping behind the eyelids, is what's in store for us for the upcoming months. If you have enough sense of mind and self-preservation, you'll be spending that time submerged in the cool waters of the Atlantic (or a kiddie pool, if that's what's nearer), all the while mentally scanning the beach for a low-calorie ice-cream of a sorbet to sink your teeth into.

 Summer Survival Tips For The Lazy:

1. Seek shade. That's where it doesn't feel like the fucking sun.

2. If you can afford it, spend the whole day hanging around expensive boutiques—that's where the air conditioning is good.

3. Drink ice tea as if your life depends on it;

4. Not beer, beer makes you fat.

5. Use sunscreen 60+. Don't try to combine 10, 30 and 20. It doesn't add up!

If all of the above doesn't work, and you're anything like me, just rummage through the freezer until you find a block of ice to fit your head and apply it to your overheated brain shell.

6. Do not fall asleep like that.